Tussin Up’s Time’s Up

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May, 1989. Best of Tussin insert for Tussin #10

Steve reprints his favorites from four years of Tussin with commentary worth reading. Includes “Hardcore and in Bed by Eleven” from issue 4, and also the Justice Douglas Ginsberg “piss test” insert from issue 7 which we don’t otherwise have. Everything else is found in the archive.
Issue #1: MRR scene report, Anarcho-godzilla comix, erotic stick figures; Issue #4: Hardcore and in Bed by Eleven, CCAA at Culturestock; Issue #5: Bowling Ball happy ad, Tussin-Up reviews the world’s great religions, Andy Warhol Drops Dead, But what about ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’?; Issue #6: Punkrock Tourist Guide to Bloomington, Daily Grind Crossword Puzzle; Issue #8: Fall of the 3-D House of Y-Bark; Issue #7: Reason for No Rock Concerts, Ginsberg insert; Issue #9: Truth in Advertising Section, Mayoral potshots, Night of the Grateful Dead.